The world has changed. You can watch your series whenever you want, shop wherever you like, take the car whenever you need it, listen to music online... And always be up to date. 

Why not change to the new way of wearing glasses? 

Now you can choose glasses with any graduation, monofocals or progressives, and with anti-glare treatment included. For only €9.95 a month, no interest. 

Opticians have changed. And we like it. 

Promotion valid from 01 January to 31 March 2020. For the collections of the brands Mango and Pepe Jeans available in each Opticalia. For monofocals: Vistasoft monofocal lenses in the ranges in stock, index of 1.5 with Opticalia Vistasoft AG treatment. Monofocal manufacturing: For progressives: will always have progressive lenses from the Vistasoft Basic lines. They are white, organic lenses with a refraction index of 1.5, with Vistasoft AG treatment. In both cases, the lenses must be in the manufacturing ranges available from Vistasoft manufacturers. The sanitary products that are part of this promotion are in accordance with legal regulations EC MDD 93/42 and RD 1591/2009. Minimum financing €119.40 (12 monthly instalments at €9.95/month) and maximum €597 (60 monthly instalments at €9.95/month). 0% APR. The retail price and the financed price are the same. Promotion financed by COFIDIS S.A. BRANCH IN SPAIN or PEPPER FINANCE CORPORATION, S.L.U. or ABANCA SERVICIOS FINANCIEROS, E.F.C., S.A, subject to prior approval, for the product and customer.  

Opticalia, Socio Fundador de la Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Experiencia de Cliente.