Start the year with new brand glasses from Opticalia. Now you can choose Mango glasses with graduated lenses included for just €79.

Discover the collection for men and women, in which the retro style metal frames, one of this season’s trends, stand out.

Also, the thick rims in super flattering colours, with designs for each style and for every kind of face.

Come to our opticians’ and try on the Mango glasses collection. Choose yours and get them for just €79 with lenses included until 31 March.


Promotion valid from 1 January to 31 March 2020. Glasses on promotion will always have untreated Visasoft basic organic monofocal stock lenses, 1.50 from Opticalia suppliers. Graduations of the Stock ranges of the suppliers of the Opticalia Vistasoft line. The ranges are: Sphere: +/- 4.00 dioptres. Cylinder: +/- 2.00 dioptres. So-called progressive lenses are not included in this promotion. The collection of Mango frames will be of the models selected for this promotion, available at each selected Opticalia optician’s. The medical devices of this promotion conform to legal regulations EC MDD 93/42 and RD 1591/2009.

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